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August 31, 2013 / by Denis

Custom Automotive eCommerce

As a rapidly growing niche eCommerce company was growing tired by the confines of a generic product offering.

This problem was by no means unique to them, however. The fact of the matter is that the entire industry offers and sells an almost identical set of features.

But sometimes the biggest gains can only be had with truly custom solution. In the case of my client, we entered into a long-term ongoing contract to build the ultimate automotive eCommerce platform.

  • We wanted full control over the frontend SEO, look and feel
  • We needed to deliver the ultimate UX to our shoppers, and that can only happen with killer performance
  • We wanted to avoid expensive data migrations and were looking to reuse existing solution providers
  • We needed an industry-grade integration with existing standards and workflows

We began writing our own platform, building on the flexibility of Spree Commerce. We integrated powerful tools to receive and process automotive data in the established AAIA ACES Exchange format. We fine-tuned our frontend for aggressive Organic growth by constantly investing in technical SEO deployments, as well as guiding in-house resources towards industry-best photography, vehicle compatibility data and description authorship. We achieved fantastic performance numbers without any page caching.

Reach out to me; let’s see if we can roll custom fetures to boost your revenue.