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August 30, 2013 / by Denis

Longterm Organic SEO Strategy

A longterm SEO strategy is absolutely crucial for any company deriving revenue from an eCommerce stack.

One of my largest clients had a unique problem: individual SKU pages were performing well but broader keyword pages listing the SKUs were not. There was lots of money on the table and we got to thinking.

After spending time on Google’s Webmaster Academy and reconsidiering how PageRank actually works, we had a solution. We were to channel the existing SEO to where we wanted more traffic to land. At its most basic level, this is exactly how PageRank works.

We simply re-crafted the topnav to point to the most important, broad, related parts of the product offering.

We optimized the PageRank distribution by eliminating outbound links leading to revenue-insignificant resources. We then cut down the total volume of internal linking happening on successful product pages and point the remainder specifically where the most important keywords were.

Ultimately, the fact of eCommerce remains: product pages have all the description, photography and information that visitors seek out and link to. By channeling that through the rest of the website’s structure, we were able to regain our share of the organic traffic for broader terms that the industry has been competing for.

Next time your SEO firm suggests you spend more money in prohibited link farms, consider hiring someone with a more longterm SEO vision.